Devaprasannam Radio broadcasts programmes that makes people experience Gods wisdom. The songs they play will surely keep your mind at peace. Through their Radio they want to praise, develop, and serve the whole ministries of the church and work to glorify the Lord. As the lord has granted them with talents, the team wants to use it to spread his Gods love to people. They want to serve the Lord and show it out through Devaprasannam Radio.

The songs are all so divine and marvelous that they make you become one with the lord. Tune into Devaprasannam Radio and listen to the worship songs of our lord Jesus Christ. Sermons, information, messages, music and songs about Christ and his teachings are the programs that are being broadcast in this FM. Through this FM they seek to help people understand and grow in Jesus and serve ministry through online media. Through radio station they believe that God has guided them to expand their ministry. They were pleased to develop their ministry and share the glory of Christ with the other nations. Lots of interesting sermons, messages, songs and scripture reading has been included in their radio station. Each day many people have been listening to their online FM from all over the world. They have confidence in increasing their listeners even more.

The team in Devaprasannam Radio team prays together and helps people understand God better. Through their online radio God has sent them to preach about his teachings to his followers. They want to serve and share the word of God to his followers. They want to bring about change in an individual’s life through the Gospel. They are happy that their online ministry is expanding continuously and gradually their online ministry is spreading across nations. Each day they are seeing many miracles happening at Devaprasannam Radio. Through online Radio many people are experiencing the living God by listening to their radio station.